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How to solve usual family problems?

We all understand that marital life is not a nice and fragrant rose in your garden, in real life it's a speculative thorn that can burn you seriously if you don't have any knowledge how to conduct with it. Every family has some general conflicts appearing in usual life so you are obliged to know the techniques of clarifying these conflicts in order to be cheerful in your marriage. Below we are offering a note of most common difficulties and their techniques of resolution. Try to fulfill them:

The most repeated protest women have about guys that guys totally do not listen.

Mainly guys complain that every woman makes effort to change her partner. She regularly tells him what to do and how to perform it. Be wise, boys, do not pay so much notice to her words. Simply listen and nod as an answer.

When a young lady tries to alter or correct or give a piece of advice to a guy, men usually think they are not competent to perform some affairs or that they cannot do something on their own.

Guys often make an effort to cheer up a woman when she is upset by giving resolution to her troubles. She takes this as ungrounded her sentiments. What absolutely ladies need is compassion while men give solving.

Young boys constantly consider girls need advice or solutions to developing difficulties as they think this is the best mean to be constructive and to prove affection; women usually desire some person to seriously listen to them.

Russian Girls every time wishes her house to be fine and pure. It's her kingdom, her place of living and that's why sometimes she may ask her partner for a help. But guys generally stay away from housework and make an effort to run away. They do not understand the girl's attitude towards accuracy. Guys don't be foolish, try to assist your soul mate and don't make crying from such simple thing.